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The NMRC was founded by award winning producer Peggy Berryhill, AKA, the “First Lady of Native Radio”. NMRC is a public service Peggy Berryhillmedia organization whose mission is to produce content about Indigenous communities in order to promote racial harmony and cross-cultural understanding. The NMRC works in partnership with individuals, organizations and institutions such as the Native Public Telecommunications (NAPT), Inc., the Smithsonian Institution Office of Telecommunications, National Museum of the American Indian and Northern California Cultural Communications, Inc (NC3). NMRC projects include audio, print and digital storytelling. Providing an authentic Native voice to public broadcasting and support for the Native radio system for 36 years.

A brief history of Native radio in the US.

In 1972, the first two Native stations signed on the air a few month apart. The first was KTDB in New Mexico, serving a remote area of the Navajo reservation known as the Ramah or Pine Hill.

The other station to start broadcasting was KBRW located in Barrow, Alaska on the edge of the Beaufort Sea, a North Slope community, serving the Native Alasksan, Inupiat, Korean, Filipino and Hispanic communities. Visit to learn more about their community.

Thirty seven years later KTDB and KBRW still provide service to their communities.

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